Evolution Studios was founded in 2007 and is one of Los Angeles' top dance studio rental facilities. Evolution Studios is a state of the art Dance Production Rental Facility boasting 6 beautiful studios that provide a private creative environment for your artistic vision. 

About the Space
  • Place Type:

    Dance Class

  • Rules

    Please respect the privacy of all patrons at Evolution Studios.
    Do not enter a studio until the previous booking has finished.
    If a booking is running late, notify an Evolution staff member to assist you in entering the studio.
    Please do not ask for photos or autographs of any celebrity guests.
    Absolutely NO alcohol or illegal substances are allowed on the premises at any time.
    Any violation of this policy will result in immediate eviction of client/guest and loss of all future privileges to use Evolution Studios.
    No gum, glitter, silly string or confetti allowed in building.
    Evolution Studios will not be held liable for any lost / stolen / damaged personal items that patrons might leave unattended inside or outside the building.

    There is no over night parking or stack parking allowed.

    Please respect all parking signs in order to prevent being towed at owner’s expense.

    Evolution Studios furniture, equipment, props and overall belongings are to remain on the premises at all times.

    Limited amount of folding tables and chairs are available for free on a first come first serve basis.We kindly ask that clients return items to their designated location at the end of their booking.

    If a client/guest causes any damage to Evolution Studios property or their neighbors’ property, client/guest is liable for all charges to repair/replace-damaged property.

    Evolution Studios has the right to shut down a booking if they deem it to be violating studio policies.

    Evolution Studios has right to refuse service to anyone.

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