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“FAME HIGH” Makes a Forceful Statement for the Arts in Young Lives

FAME HIGH, Kennedy’s documentary produced by Black Valley Films follows four talented students at the Los Angeles County High School of the Arts.It makes a powerful and emotional statement for the arts and education.It opens June 2013 in LA and NYC.

BALLET BC Leans on the Euro Zone in Its Repertory Program at Irvine

Ballet BC in a program of three works by Molnar, Godani ,and Walerski at the Irvine Barclay Theater. Ballet BC channels Euro Zone companies such as NDT and Frankfurt Ballet. The company recently produced a modernized Giselle by Jose Nava

In RODIN, Eifman Ballet Revisits the Asylum

Choreographer Boris Eifman is fascinated by characters living beyond the brink of sanity or obsession.The company's new Rodin is a freewheeling work that blends past & present in an impressionistic work.It features modern ballet & vivid theatrics.