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VOICES of LA – Program Two

VOICES of LA is a new dance showcase series produced by Deborah Brockus and performed at Brockus Project Dance Studios. It is designed to...

Deborah Brockus Debuts VOICES of LA

Deborah Brockus is the Founder, Artistic Director and Choreographer of BrockusRed, and she enjoys producing dance. She has produced Dance in LA showcases which...

LAUNCH, the Los Angeles debut of Hexagon Dance Collective

In geometry, a Hexagon is a six-sided polygon. Presenting their debut performance, LAUNCH, Hexagon Dance Collective consists of six very talented women who have...

Ate9 dANCE cOMPANY promotes its dancers with THE NINERS

For the first time Ate9 dANCE cOMPANY presented an evening of works that were not choreographed by the Artistic Director Danielle Agami. Instead she...

Micaela Taylor & TL Collective Electrify Highways

It is always wonderful to witness the process of an emerging talent finding her/his own voice. Micaela Taylor is one such talent and she...

LACDC’S “Force Majeure” Triumphs at the Atwater Village Theatre

The Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company presented FORCE MAJEURE at the Atwater Village Theater, premiering four works by four different choreographers. Force Majeure is...

Misa Kelly presents TURF at Pieter Studio Los Angeles

Misa Kelly is deeply dedicated to the building of community, both in her personal life and in the strengthening of her dance community through...

BrockusRED presents DANCE/BACK: Dancers Giving Back to the Community

Supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts and The City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, DANCE/BACK presented seven companies...

Pat Graney Company: Girl Gods at REDCAT

Pat Graney founded her company in 1990 and per the press release, she draws her inspiration from artists such as American feminist artist Judy...

Megill & Company Presents: Tethered and other works at the ARC

Megill & Company (MeCo) presented 5 works at John Pennington’s ARC with guest choreographer Teresa Heiland and guest performances by Hexagon Dance Collective. MeCo...