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Adult Ballet: 5 Reasons You Should Try It


Ballet is not just for little girls anymore. Grown women (and men) across the country are flocking to local dance schools and studios to take adult ballet classes. Designed specifically with the mature body in mind, these classes are geared to those 18 and up who are looking to explore the art form without the pressure of pursuing a professional career. If you were debating whether to give adult ballet a try, these five reasons will help you over the fence.

1. It’s beautiful. Ballet is the most powerful and uniquely beautiful dance form. Not only is adult ballet a great way to get in shape, but it also exposes students to a world of classical culture filled with composers, choreographers, and different teaching methods. Ballet prides itself on artistry and refinement, helping to instill grace and poise in even the clumsiest newbie. Adult ballet class gives students the opportunity to express themselves through movement, allowing them to reap many physical, mental, and emotional benefits, no matter their age or ability.

2. It’s a great workout. If you think ballet will turn you into a cream puff, think again. Ballet is challenging, and a great alternative to traditional aerobic exercise. Ballet technique works all muscle groups, providing a well-rounded, full-body workout that creates lean lines and muscle development. It increases circulation and flexibility, improves balance and coordination, and unlike most sports activities that are strictly mechanical, adult ballet students get to apply these concepts through beautiful musical combinations. Beats the treadmill, if you ask me.

3. It’s recreational.Many adults are reticent to try ballet because they are afraid they will look silly. Allow me to allay your fears, right now. Everyone is welcome to join adult ballet, and no one cares how you look. That’s the whole point! In adult ballet class, there is no pressure to pursue a rigorous, professional training program. In fact, many adults attend class just so they can relax after a hard day at work, or simply because they want to try something new. Whether you have years of previous experience, or never stepped foot in a studio, adult ballet class is fun, above all else.

4. It’s inexpensive. Unlike youths who pursue elite training programs, adult students don’t have to pay traditional tuition. Drop-in classes are a convenient option for the adult student who doesn’t want to commit to any long-term schedule or fees. Adult ballet classes typically last 1-1.5 hours, and the rates for most drop-in classes range anywhere from $10-15. If a student plans to attend class regularly, they may choose to purchase a class card, or a package of classes at a discount. Class cards are the most popular, cost-effective option for adult students.

5. It’s a social outlet. Adult ballet provides a social outlet for students to meet and interact with others that share similar interests and a passion for dance in a pressure-free environment. Students ages 18 and 80 have the opportunity to dance side by side, creating a positive dynamic and sense of community. And while not everyone becomes instant friends, adult ballet most definitely boasts a very inspiring and supportive group of students.

These are five major reasons adults should consider trying ballet. Yes, adult ballet combines fitness and finesse—but you can leave the tutu at home.


  1. It caught my attention when you said that adult ballet classes can create a sense of community by allowing those of all ages to dance together and share their interests. I feel like my social life has been in a rut ever since I moved to a new area last year. I’ve always liked the idea of learning to dance, so I’m excited to look for a local ballet class I can try!


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