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Tchaikovsky Deconstruct. Boris Eifman, Genius Manipulator!

By INA HAYBAECK-ROGERS, JUNE 26, 2017 For the company’s 40th Anniversary Tour the Eifman Ballet of St.Petersburg returned to its loyally devoted Los Angeles audience...

Eifman Ballet’s “Rodin” Couples Extreme Dance and Vivid Theatricality

Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg is concluding their tour of North America with performances of “Up and Down” (Segerstrom Center for the Arts last week) and “Rodin” in three performances this week at the Los Angeles Music Center. “Up and Down” is an American jazz age story. It was originally based on the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel “Tender is the Night”. Of the two, “Rodin” (2011) makes a better impression both for its music (a more or less unified assemblage of French music by Ravel, Satie, and others roughly contemporaneous with the life of the sculptor himself) but also for a more clearly articulated storyline. “Up and Down” draws on excerpted music from wildly disparate sources such as Gershwin, Alban Berg, and Schubert. “Rodin” still looks like dance. “Up and Down”, though charged with the same outsized attention to theatrically and staging, felt overwhelmed by Mr. Eifman’s brand of expressionistic movement and mime. The dancing seemed aimed at creating novel effects rather than an honest communication of intimate details.

In RODIN, Eifman Ballet Revisits the Asylum

Choreographer Boris Eifman is fascinated by characters living beyond the brink of sanity or obsession.The company's new Rodin is a freewheeling work that blends past & present in an impressionistic work.It features modern ballet & vivid theatrics.

DON QUIXOTE: Fantasies of the Madman Eifman Ballet

Steven Woodruff reviews Eifman Ballet of St. Petersburg in their recent performance of Don Quixote. Eifman has made a name for himself recasting classic ballets and classic literature for the stage.This version revives his 1994 original choreography.