“A Chance to Dance, The Final Showdown” The Ovation Series Continues at Jacob’s Pillow with David Dorfman

At thirteen days until performance time in New York, it’s looking like the BalletBoyz Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt, might not make their deadline for Nigel Lythgoe’s Dizzy Feet Gala. So instead of working on the choreography they do what anyone in their situation would do: head to New York for some relaxed checking on the progress of the music, costumes, and the performance venue at the Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet Studios. So, who’s minding the store back at Jacob’s Pillow? David Dorfman, that’s who. Dorfman is perhaps America’s most eccentric choreographer and dance man. And he doesn’t disappoint while introducing the company to his manic but expressive take on movement. He is also given the responsibility in rehearsals to cut two dancers while Billy and Michael are away. Michael has it right in saying about Dorfman: “If you met him on the street you’d think he was a plumber.” The few truly interesting clips of Dorfman working with the company (he conducts class while seated, and playing the accordion) are unfortunately buried among dullish interviews of the dancers mulling over the chances of being among the twelve left standing. Billy and Michael test drive their company and choreography in front of a small, live audience at the famed Ted Shawn Theater before cutting five more. In all seven more exit, including Shepard whose lack of technique finally proves too big an obstacle to fitting in. Ballet guy, Chase, also fails to make the cut. Among the twelve remaining are Eldon, Patrick and the incorrigible worrier, Laura. The best offbeat line from Dorfman during the rehearsals: “You are going to have to do more with your off balance, curvaceous work”. The happy few shove off for New York City with an unfinished ballet, and only eleven days left until show time.



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