BalletBoyz Trevitt and Nunn Hit the Road on Their New Series on Ovation: “A Chance to Dance”

Cue the former Royal Ballet Principals, Billy Trevitt and Michael Nunn, a.k.a. BalletBoyz, arriving via motorcycle at Covent Garden Opera House. Cue the staged phone call from SYTYCD producer Nigel Lythgoe. The mission: to create a new dance company to perform at

Ovation Series "A Chance to Dance" in Salt lake
A Chance to Dance in Salt lake

Lythgoe’s Dizzy Feet Gala in New York. The catch: the opening night performance is just 28 days away. It’s reality dance TV meets Mission Impossible. First stop, Salt Lake City? An unusual choice, but the city’s flagship company Ballet West anchors a growing dance scene there which produces packed auditions. Eleven girls and two boys make the cuts at auditions that don’t give you a lot of hope that there is gold at the end of the rainbow. The likable duo of Nunn and Trevitt along with SYTYCD side kick Allison Holker, give the show interest that the dancers themselves fail to provide. The first episode shows that the two former ballet guys can be tough, entertaining and can come up with ready, English style, put downs. Says Nunn, “If I were going to be tough, I’d just send them all home, but we need dancers.” Next stop for the Ovation series is Washington, D.C.. Look for more tears and disappointments, but hopefully, also more accomplished dancing. Trevitt and Nunn have generated serious dance credits during their respective careers with films and the all-male company BalletBoyz. A Chance to Dance is going to give them a run for their money if it’s going to live up to that legacy.



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