Trevitt and Nunn Hit the Road for Jacob’s Pillow 

Nineteen days left until show time in New York at the Dizzy Feet Gala. After a brief rendez-vous at Yankee Stadium, the company heads off to Western Massachusetts for boot camp at Jacob’s Pillow. While the dancers bus it, the BalletBoyz are in pursuit in their sporty blue Mustang. The content for the Ovation Series is starting to feel more substantial now that the initial auditions and the accompanying road hijinks have drawn to a close. Rejoining Billy Trevitt and Michael Nunn is Allison Holker from Episode One, who will continue as the company assistant and choreographic repetiteur. First order of business is ballet class, where the focus shifts to Shepard, the self-taught hip hop dancer, who is having difficulties negotiating the new terrain at the ballet barre. While I am betting on him to carry through as a counter weight to the ballet and contemporary dancers things are not looking up. Billy offers encouragement after watching him plié and then tendu a la seconde saying, “I can work with that”. Also getting attention are Chase whose heart condition causes problems (he’s a month out of surgery) and Cooper, who crashes hard in the men’s rehearsal and injures his knee. Nunn and Trevitt are already piecing together choreography as they put all the women through a corps de ballet exercise which is filmed on the outdoor stage and which will end up as a projection for the finished piece. The episode concludes with a cook out prepared by Nunn and Trevitt and a reminder to expect the imminent departure of six more dancers. A Chance to Dance is a seven-part series airing on Ovation every Friday at 10pm beginning August 17  and concluding with Nigerl Lythgoe’s Dizzy Feet Gala on September 28.


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