Trevitt and Nunn Hit the Road with Stops in Washington D.C. and Austin

In the second episode of A Chance to Dance our wisecracking dynamic duo Billy Trevitt and Michael Nunn make stops in Washington, D.C. and Austin, Texas.  First stop is the Fun and Flirty Dancing studio where the two interrupt a pole dancing class and Billy strips down to his skivvies for a session with some exotic dancers in training. Then it’s on to the Kirov Academy of Dance where only a dozen dancers audition and five get the nod for the boot camp in New York. Next stop Austin, where dancers from the Austin University School of Dance and Alisa’s Dance Academy show up in force for a packed audition.  In the end an assortment of ballet, contemporary dance, and hip hop dancers make the cut following a group effort at impromptu choreography.  Trevitt and Nunn continue to hone their road schtick, but the joking is genuinely entertaining and makes some valid points. “Look at her, beautiful, she can turn”, says Nunn, and then, “who cares”. These guys know that gluing together their hastily made ensemble is going to be real work when they get to New York.  Of interest in this episode were auditions by Eric, a hip hop dancer, whose turned out footwork gave him unusual appeal, and Kaitlin, an accomplished ballet/contemporary dancer who covered both genres with style. Best line of the episode came from Nunn after their short excursion to the pole dance studio. “Ok Billy, put your pants back on and get back into the car.” If these guys weren’t doing serious dance they could make it as a comedy duo. Next stop for the fledgling company is New York, where choreography and more cuts await.


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