David Dorfman Challenges the Dancers as They Prepare for Their New York City Debut

Here’s the good news. David Dorfman is back for another round on the Ovation Series, A Chance to Dance. The bad news is that lots of potentially interesting dancing goes missing as six days of studio rehearsals are condensed into one episode. Dorfman is charged by Trevitt and Nunn to choreograph an entire section with eight dancers to music that is, so far, unused. His plan: place the dancers in eight discreet down pools of light for improvised solos which ultimately morph into a unison finale driven by Dorfman’s swirling, flung, curvaceous movement. While Dorfman works on his section, the BalletBoyz decamp to a second studio to work on the concluding duet with two pairs of dancers. It’s a showdown of sorts to see who gets the assignment for the Gala. Nunn leaves the four dancers to continue working on the duet with the sincere admonition to “be nice and help each other out”. Meanwhile, Laura is back at drama camp as she is selected for a featured spot in one of the sections. Sadly, Eldon injures his back and looks like he is out for the performance, causing a major reshuffling of the duet lineup. Ultimately, Joni and the untested David, the least experienced dancer in the company, are chosen for the duet. There is one touching vignette of Eldon looking into the studio through the door of the rehearsal room as the company presses on without him. The as yet unnamed company lurches toward show time. Billy puts it succinctly. “We’ve created a super tanker that is now going to collide with the performance.” Relaxed and sure editing by Barnaby Levy avoids giving the episode a manic look as a full week is condensed into less than an hour. Also excellent, the original camera work by Seth Marshall and Brian Ochrym (especially the sections filmed at the Cedar Lake Ballet Studios) for the two duet sequences. Those excerpts were mostly preserved as interesting, continuous long shots of the choreography. Brightest moment of the episode: Billy comments on the company and Dorfman’s work in the studio run through. “Look at them, they’re a company, they look fantastic.” Billy is the ultimate good vibe guy. As Lyhtgoe’s Dizzy Feet Gala looms large, Michael is leaving one spotlight open for Eldon who may yet recover and take the stage for opening night.


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