In the digital age, data reigns supreme, exchanged and collected at an unprecedented scale. The main beneficiaries of this data surge are data brokers. Today, we delve into the updated data broker market size, focusing on major players like Alibaba Group Holdings Limited, PeekYou LLC, and TowerData Inc.

Alibaba Group Holdings Limited: A Powerhouse in the Data Broker Market

Alibaba Group Holdings Limited, a multinational tech giant, thrives in e-commerce, retail, and technology. Market Research Future’s latest report highlights significant growth in Alibaba’s data broker business. Primarily due to its robust presence in the Chinese market. Moreover, the company is expanding its data broker services, targeting Southeast Asia and Europe. With a diversified portfolio, Alibaba is set to make substantial gains in the thriving data broker market.

PeekYou LLC: Pioneering Privacy and Security

Next, PeekYou LLC is making a splash as a transformative data broker. The company’s search engine collects and indexes public data from various sources. These last include social media, news outlets, and other web platforms. PeekYou boasts a database featuring over 250 million individuals, serving companies, law enforcement, and individuals alike. CEO Michael Hussey champions a vision of leveraging collected data to bolster privacy and security for individuals.

TowerData Inc: Expanding and Innovating

TowerData Inc, based in New York, has been a key player in the data broker market since 2001. The company provides top-tier email marketing solutions, offering services like data enhancement and validation. With a clientele that includes Fortune 500 companies and advertising agencies, TowerData recently broadened its offerings to include data append and data hygiene services, gaining positive reception from existing clients.

Conclusion: A Flourishing Industry

In conclusion, the data broker market is on a rapid growth trajectory, set to experience substantial expansion in the coming years. Key players such as Alibaba Group Holdings Limited, PeekYou LLC, and TowerData Inc are at the forefront, driving innovation and progress. As data’s importance in today’s world continues to soar, businesses increasingly depend on data brokers for valuable insights, aiming to fuel growth and boost revenue.